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Welcome to my Peculiar Desire Home
where smoking is not allowed.

Just relax and enjoy while you're allowed to ..

I should warn you that not everybody is allowed to enter my Home.
I will only let you see my Home and tell what I can offer if you're prepared to admit that

I am superior.

I am here to make sure that you do understand that. If you don't, I am afraid that you might not like this site. What do you think?

I like it
I do not like it

Please scroll down the whole page before you proceed.


Report of my visit to the
Kink in the Caribbean Party 2008.



Bed and Breakfast facility
Studio rent
Overnight stay



My Yahoo group.
A friend of mine offered me this fanclub on Yahoo.
You have to be registered at Yahoo. Registering is for free.

"Performance Dutch Television"
If you are interested click on subjoined link.
BNN performance
You see an impression of a pony play with the reporter Filemon.

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