At last i found some time to update the site.
Enjoy the new pictures!

Strange times
Corona, war, two moves.

Leaving the studio home for renovations in February 2022,
ten months later just before Christmas we’re moving back in.
The house is upgraded by about 50 years and the studio has had the first improvements done also.
Think Style Fetish…
We’ll keep on doing that because just like any other living thing our Peculiar Desire Home needs to develop itself.

It also really helps in saving energy now that the world is in turmoil and prices keep on rising higher and higher.

While moving we noticed that there were so many items that weren’t used nearly often enough and we still craft more and more so it became quite clear that our Kinky Flea market needed to grow also.

Because I hate to throw good stuff away and there are plenty of people that want to experiment, expand collections or start new ones, a small portion of the Studio will now permanently be used for the flea market.

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Mistress Madieanne at EuroPerve

I am a Lifestyle Domina

This means I do not act as a Mistress, but I AM A MISTRESS.
I surfaced in 1983 and in 1993 I founded my own studio.
I am FULLY EXPERIENCED. And my studio is completely equipped.
My Amsterdam studio is called “Peculiar Desire Home”.
This name was chosen because I offer much more besides traditional SM (whipping, spanking, humiliation etc).
I am also specialized and experienced in sessions such as transformation, cross dressing, mummification, different bondages, transformation into a doll, total enclosure in rubber or leather, (restricted) breath play, fetish role play etc.
I like to challenge, tease and puzzle men.
This does not mean that females are not welcome!
Challenges keep me going!
Another thing I like, is to be in the public display.
Together with My partner and some friends I attend and perform at parties and fairs.
To keep life interesting I am constantly looking for new challenges and toys.
I speak Dutch, German and English.
By the way, for visitors who are interested in Me, I celebrate My Birthday on January 23th.

My phone number: + 31 – (0)6 – 27052872

My E-Mail address : mrsmadieanne @


Mrs Madieanne on Fetlife