The Possibilities, many options

My studio can be rented for photo and video sessions or to play your own game.
By appointment a single person or couple could spend the night.
My library consists of books and magazines related to transvestism, fetishism, bondage and SM.
Books are available in different languages.


I present special workshops concerning serious topics;
Head encapsulating / bondage with different materials / fabrics.
With special attention for safety and pressure points.
Immobilization and total enclosure in different ways and with different materials.
Breathing restriction with hoods / masks and other materials.
Special attention for safety.


I teach or give information to people with or without practical experience, about Bondage, Whipping, How to treat a
submissive, Transformation, Mummification, Immobilization, (total) Enclosure, Humiliation and Masochistic themes.
I teach couples all kinds of techniques so they can get a better understanding for each other.


Demonstrations and or performances can be given by me at my studio or on location.
Traveling is possible in accordance with special conditions.

My phone number: + 31 – (0)6 – 27052872

My E-Mail address : mrsmadieanne @


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