Website updates

Somewhere end of january, early february 2014, Erik decided that the website could use an upgrade; the CMS just couldn’t cut it anymore and the thing had so much extra weird stuff under the hood that it wouldn’t even update so he built a new one.
He claims I made him do other stuff and since he’s a man and can do only one thing at a time he probably forgot…
I didn’t.
A little year later, and I didn’t even need to threaten him that much, he actually filled it up.
So now there are three websites: the old linear one, the CMS crusade part one and now here we are again with a brand spanking new one. Bigger faster better is the cry I heard along with some technical terms that i think are irrelevant as long as it works and looks pretty to me.
But, fear not, all is here, so you can stay in modern comfort while you enjoy my pictures; the old sites are only around for nostalgic reasons.
What lies behind this point is from the old site, and ahead is new.
Now I shall go and do some more butt kicking and have him get the hundreds of pictures that have been waiting for far to long online as well.